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Transport Masters Advantage

Our Car Shipping Advantage

Below, you can find the benefits and advantages of car shipping with Transport Masters USA.

  • Top-Rated Auto Shipping
    Top-Rated Auto Shipping

    We have thousands of 5-star reviews for exceptional vehicle shipping services.

  • Nationwide Door-to-Door Service
    Nationwide Door-to-Door Service

    We provide direct service to and from any residential or business location in the US.

  • Complete Vehicle Coverage
    Complete Vehicle Coverage

    We offer the most comprehensive coverage options for complete peace of mind.

  • No Up-Front Deposit Required
    No Up-Front Deposit Required

    You don't pay a penny until the day your shipment is scheduled for pickup.

  • Extended Office Hours
    Extended Office Hours

    We're available past normal business hours in every timezone in the country.

  • 24/7 Online Shipment Tracking
    24/7 Online Shipment Tracking

    You can track the status of your shipment online anytime at your convenience.

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Our Auto Transport Services

Auto Transport Services Options

Individual Car Transport Service

Simplifying Car Transport

Transport Masters USA makes it easy for individuals to ship their cars with our extensive network of experienced and reliable drivers.


boat shipping

Business Auto Transport

Commerical Car Transport Service

We strive to make car shipping as simple and stress-free as possible. With our network of experienced drivers, easy online booking, transparent pricing, personalized service, and outstanding customer support, you can trust us to safely and efficiently transport your unit(s) to its destination.


auto transport

Specialized Freight Services

Specialized Freight Services

Additional vehicle transportation services for enhanced coverage.


car shipping

One-stop solution for your vehicle shipping needs.

Auto Transport Services

  • Request a Quote
    Provide simple details about your car shipping such as pick-up date, vehicle year, model, and pick-up/delivery locations, and get a free quote using our transport calculator.
  • Schedule Pick-up
    On confirming the details of your Vehicle Transport Services, our advisors will get in touch with you shortly and schedule your vehicle pick-up.
  • Vehicle Delivery
    Our dedicated and qualified drivers will reach out to you a few hours before reaching delivery location. Inspect your vehicle closely once delivered and make the final payment.

full truckload car shipping

Best Car Shipping Company

We're proud to say that we're the best auto shipping company in the USA, and we have years of experience in getting your vehicle to its destination safely and securely. Our team of car delivery pros is experienced, trustworthy, and reliable, so you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in good hands. We offer a variety of services, including:

Our speedy and dependable auto transport services are just a mere click away – fill out our quick form for an instant quote, or give us a ring to learn more about our trove of offerings! With rates that won't break the bank, first-rate customer service that can't be beaten, and an experienced team ofcar shipping experts, there's no better destination. You can place your trust in us to make your car shipping journey an absolute breeze!

Express Service, On-Time Delivery
Auto Transport Near Me.

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Why Choose Transport Masters USA?

We take pride in offering personalized and expert attention to your transportation needs. When you choose us, our team of professionals will cater to your unique requirements with meticulous care. You can sit back and relax, knowing that your transportation needs are in good hands.

  • Veteran-Owned
  • 5 Star Rated
  • White Glove Service
Individual Car Shipping

We specialize in individual car shipping services and aim to make the process as smooth as possible for you. Whether you're moving your car cross-country or just need to transport it for a short period of time, we've got you covered. Whether you have a used sedan, sports car, SUV, or exotic vehicle, we provide safe and secure auto shipping services for your vehicle.

Reliable Car Shipping

Are you in need of a reliable car Shipping service that can take care of shipping your vehicle across the country or even to Hawaii? Well, you're in luck because Transport Masters USA has got your back!

Our shipping service is not just your regular car Shipping service. We're a 5-star federally licensed company that provides full door-to-door shipping for most destinations. Plus, you get to choose the pick-up, shipping, and delivery times that work best for your schedule.

Whether you're relocating, buying a car interstate, or shipping your luxury or vintage car, we've got you covered to ship your car. And if you're in the military, we're honored to be able to serve you with our trusted, affordable, and fast car shipping services.

No hassle, no stress, just peace of mind knowing your car is in good hands. So what are you waiting for? Let's get your car on the road to its new destination.

Door-To-Door Auto Shipping

Our door-to-door auto transport pick-up and delivery service is about to revolutionize the way you move! With us, you kiss the stress of making trips to the car depot goodbye and say hello to the ease of having your very own vehicle picked up by our friendly staff. From there, we'll transport your ride straight to your new destination, so it'll be waiting for you upon arrival. We want to make moving as stress-free as possible, so trust us to take care of everything. Ship your car with Transport Masters USA!

Customized Car Shipping

Are you in need of a reliable and personalized vehicle shipping service? Look no further! We've got you covered with top-notch customized services designed to meet YOUR specific needs. Whether you've got a luxury car, need military car shipping or international transport, or want the best boat shipping company out there - our skilled team has the expertise to handle any job! We understand that shipping your vehicle can be a daunting task, but don't fret - we'll work with you every step of the way. From pick-up to delivery, our goal is to ensure a hassle-free and seamless experience. Trust us to take the wheel on your shipping needs with the Best Car Shipping Company!

Commercial Car Shipping
Are you looking for a reliable and affordable car shipping company? Look no further than Transport Masters USA! We specialize in commercial car auto transport and offer door-to-door auto transportservices to ensure your vehicles arrive safely and securely. Our team pays close attention to detail, and we always put the security of your vehicles first. Plus, our rates are unbeatable, so you can be confident you're getting the best deal possible. Ship your car now with Transport Masters USA!

Boat Shipping

At Transport Masters USA, we're not just about moving cars. We also specialize in the safe and secure transport of boats. Our team of experienced professionals understands the unique challenges involved in boat transportation and applies meticulous attention to detail to ensure your vessel reaches its destination unscathed.

Whether it's a sailboat, motorboat, or a luxury yacht, we have the skills and resources to handle it. We utilize specially designed trailers and cutting-edge equipment to securely haul your boat. Our process involves thorough pre-transport preparation, careful loading, and vigilant transport, all while adhering to the strictest safety protocols.

Moreover, we are committed to open communication throughout the transportation process, keeping you informed about your boat's journey. With Transport Masters USA, you can have peace of mind knowing your boat is in expert hands. Trust us for reliable, safe, and efficient boat transportation services.

RV Shipping

Transport Masters USA is your trusted partner for moving recreational vehicles (RVs) across the country. We understand that an RV is more than just a vehicle; it's a home on wheels. Our professional team has extensive experience and training in handling RV transportation, ensuring your mobile haven is delivered safely and efficiently.

Whether it's a Class A motorhome, a fifth wheel, or a compact camper van, we have the expertise and the necessary equipment to accommodate it. Our comprehensive RV transport services encompass careful loading, secure transit, and efficient delivery, always following rigorous safety protocols.

We leverage advanced equipment and tailored strategies to facilitate smooth RV transportation, treating your precious mobile home with the utmost care. Throughout the process, we maintain open communication, keeping you updated on the progress of the shipment.

Choose Transport Masters USA for reliable, safe, and seamless RV transportation services. We're committed to moving your RV with the same care as if it were our own.

Oversized Shipping

At Transport Masters USA, we excel in handling oversized shipments with unmatched precision and efficiency. Our specialized team is trained to manage the complexities and unique challenges that come with transporting oversized cargo, ensuring your freight reaches its destination safely and on time.

Our extensive experience with oversized cargo means we're well-versed in the necessary permits, route planning, and equipment needed for these specialized shipments. Whether it's heavy machinery, construction equipment, or oversized vehicles, we can manage it all.

We employ state-of-the-art equipment and customized hauling solutions to securely transport your oversized shipment. Every step of the journey is carefully planned and monitored, adhering to stringent safety standards to minimize risk and maximize efficiency.

With Transport Masters USA, you're choosing a partner that's committed to providing the highest level of service for your oversized shipping needs. Trust us for secure, efficient, and professional handling of your oversized shipments.

Specialized Freight

Have you ever needed to transport goods that require special handling, care, and equipment? If so, then you might have needed Specialized Freight Services! These services are perfect for larger or more delicate goods such as machinery, vehicles, and other items that require a specific mode of transportation to ensure their safety before, during, and after transit. Lucky for you, Transport Masters USA is here to help! We're experienced in this area and can provide you with the proper transportation of your specialized freight.

No Advance Payment

Transport Masters USA does not ask you to make any upfront payments prior. We only charge you once the carrier has dispatched. We understand that it can be frustrating to pay upfront; that's why we've got you covered. You can trust us to take care of your transportation needs without charging you first..

Dedicated Professionals

We have a team of dedicated professionals and qualified drivers to assist you with your vehicle at every step until the delivery. Track and keep yourself updated about the whereabouts of your vehicle with our advanced tracking technology.

Insurance Coverage

No more stressing about damages being caused to your vehicle in the transportation process as we provide full insurance coverage to safeguard your vehicle. Bear no additional charges for insurance coverage as our price quote already includes its charges.

At our company, we go above and beyond to make sure you and your precious ride are fully protected. We're talking peace of mind, kind of insured services that will have you feeling like a million bucks! Not only do we take care of our own vehicles, but we offer top-notch coverage for any and all cars we transport. From pick-up to delivery, we're here to take full responsibility for your vehicle's care. So sit back, relax, and trust the experts to handle the rest. We're the best auto transport company for a reason!

Customized Approach

Transport Masters USA knows every customer is unique and consequently offers a customized approach to every customer. Our specialists work closely with you at each step to enable hassle-free vehicle shipping for you.

Round The Clock Assistance

We are not only available during our working hours but offer round-the-clock assistance to people. Reach out to us anytime and any day as our specialists are there to answer the queries you may have concerning our process. Ship your car with Transport Masters USA!

Live Tracking

Know about the whereabouts of your vehicle during the relocation process with our live tracking feature. The moment you book us the Best Auto Transport Company, you’ll get a live tracking link by which you can get to know about the current location of your vehicle

Shipping Map

Car Shipping Coverage Map

Select your pickup state below for more information and carrier availability in that area.


Dependable Car Shipping
Services near me.

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full truckload car shipping

Car Transport Service

Ready to transport your vehicle?

You're in luck because we're the #1 Car Transport Service company in the US! Our team of friendly and reliable shipping professionals is here to ensure you get quality service and competitive prices all across the country.

And the best part?

You can get your free instant Vehicle Transport Services shipping quote right now! So don't wait. Let's get your vehicle to its destination safely and efficiently.

Let's Chat About Your Car Transport Needs

Choosing the perfect car delivery service can be a tricky task with so many options out there, right? But we've got your back! At Transport Masters USA, we take pride in being the best car delivery service you'll find.

Our services are unbeatable, and we offer you complete peace of mind by covering your vehicle with insurance, with no upfront payment required. We believe in offering you the best experience possible while shipping your car.

Get in touch soon, and let's get your car on the move!

How It Works?

Transport Masters USA makes shipping your car as easy as 1-2-3!...

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Our Advantage

View the benefits and advantages of shipping with Transport Masters USA....

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Transport Services

Learn about Transport Masters USA full list of services....

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the vehicle shipping process.

What is the cost of shipping a car?

The cost of shipping a car depends on a range of factors and market trends going on at the time. The factors that together decide the shipping cost of a car include the size and weight of the vehicle, the condition of the car, transport type, and lastly, the shipping distance.

Do you offer insurance coverage during the relocation process?

Yes. By booking Transport Masters USA, you never have to worry about any damages being caused to your car as we offer complete insurance coverage. It is included in our price quote and there are no additional charges.

How do I track my vehicle online?

Transport Masters USA offers a live tracking feature for you to know about your vehicle during the relocation process. It will keep you informed about the current location of your vehicle.

At what time should I expect my vehicle to be delivered?

The moment you book us, you’ll get an estimated time from our specialists and drivers to let you know the estimated time to deliver your vehicle. The time depends on the distance. Still, our drivers always try to deliver the vehicle before the given estimated time.

Am I allowed to keep personal items in my car during relocation?

Yes, you can keep your personal items in the car but only up to a certain limit. You are allowed to keep the personal items weighing around 100 lbs in a secure suitcase or a box. Let us know if you intend to keep more personal items to avoid last-minute chaos.

Do I have to pay in advance?

No, we don’t want you to pay us anything in advance becasue we are Best Auto Transport Company. You only have to make the final payment when we deliver your vehicle at your preferred location and that too safely. Get a price quote from us and keep the final payment ready.

Does the Weight of My Shipment Matter?

Indeed, the overall mass of your cargo significantly influences shipping rates, as carriers have a set cargo limit they can transport. The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), which includes the cargo, trailer, and carrier, must not exceed 80,000 lbs. For instance, if a truck combined with a car hauler has a total weight of 35,000 lbs, the carrier can effectively carry an additional 45,000 lbs of cargo. Hence, shipping a pick-up truck weighing 7,000 lbs would use up more of the available cargo space compared to a 3,000 lbs sedan. Consequently, the pick-up truck owner would incur higher charges from the car shipping company due to the additional weight.

Why Is It More to Ship Cars in an Enclosed Carrier Transport Trailer?

Utilizing an enclosed car shipping trailer provides your vehicle with optimal protection from environmental elements and significantly lowers the risk of any damage. However, due to their heavier weight, these trailers can carry fewer cars compared to their open counterparts. Consequently, to ensure profitability, auto shipping companies typically need to charge a higher rate per vehicle when using enclosed shipping methods.

Cheapest Way to Ship My Car?

The most economical option for domestic car shipping typically involves the use of an open-air trailer. Furthermore, opting for terminal-to-terminal delivery can enhance cost savings and provide the most affordable rate when calculating car shipping costs. On the other hand, options like upgrading to an enclosed carrier transport, choosing door-to-door delivery, or arranging transportation for a non-running vehicle are likely to increase the overall cost.

How Much Does Domestic Car Shipping Near Me Cost?

The cost of domestic car shipping can significantly vary, influenced by a multitude of factors. When determining your shipping costs, these are the crucial elements Transport Masters USA takes into account:

Distance – The most significant factor contributing to car shipping cost is the travel distance. Almost all carriers charge per mile, with rates adjusted based on demand, fuel expenses, and other factors. For instance, a carrier might charge $2 per mile for distances below 500 miles and decrease the rate to $1.50 per mile for distances exceeding 500 miles.

Weight – The standard gross vehicle weight limit for semi-trucks and trailers in the U.S. is 80,000 pounds, including the vehicle, trailer, and cargo. If your vehicle has an exceptionally high weight, it limits the number of cars a carrier can transport, potentially increasing your auto shipping costs.

Shipping Method – Open car transport and enclosed trailer vehicle shipping are the two primary domestic cross-country car shipping methods. Open car transport, while accommodating more vehicles, is cost-effective. On the other hand, choosing enclosed trailer vehicle transport, which carries fewer vehicles, will necessitate a premium fee.

Season and Carrier Availability – Demand for long-distance auto shipping services peaks during summer, leading to higher shipping costs. Opting for fall or winter shipping may fetch cheaper rates but also increases the risk of delays, particularly for destinations with harsh winter conditions.

Delivery Method – Car transporters usually provide two main delivery options: terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door car shipping. The latter, although offering greater convenience, is typically pricier. The former reduces car shipping costs but necessitates you to pick up your vehicle from a designated receiving facility in your selected city. Comparing both options through a car shipping quote can aid in decision-making.

Does Transport Masters USA Provide Shipping Insurance Coverage?

Indeed, auto shipping companies, including ours, provide 250,000 cargo insurance coverage for all vehicle makes and years as part of their shipping services. It's mandatory for all carriers to have liability insurance to undertake and fulfill shipping assignments. However, it's important to note that the insurance coverage provided by the carrier may not fully cover the value of your vehicle, necessitating additional coverage. We highly advise securing supplementary coverage either through your own auto insurance provider or a third-party vendor. This is particularly crucial when shipping high-value vehicles, such as exotic or classic cars.

Can I Make Full Payment Via Credit Card

Top car shipping companies in the auto transport sector, including ours, accept all major credit cards. You can secure your services by paying a minimum deposit or choose to pay the full amount at the time of booking using your credit card. We offer the convenience of accepting payments both online and via phone, providing you with flexibility and ease in managing your transactions.

Can Transport Masters USA Facilitate International Car Transport

Indeed, Transport Masters USA collaborates with a broad network of partner carriers, enabling us to arrange quick and efficient domestic car transport. Additionally, we provide international car shipping services to virtually every corner of the world.

Nevertheless, it's important to acknowledge that international shipping is a highly intricate process. To prevent any potential delays, we recommend initiating the booking process for international shipping services at your earliest convenience.

As a rule of thumb, it's advised to contact a car transport company roughly a month prior to your desired pick-up date for international transport. This allows ample time to coordinate logistics and ensure a smooth transportation process.

Why Do Car Shipping Rates Vary by Season?

Shipping rates fluctuate seasonally primarily due to changes in demand for car shipping services. Most customers prefer to transport their vehicles during the warmer summer months, leading to a surge in demand for carrier resources, which subsequently influences the final cost of your car shipping quote..

Concerns over possible delays caused by adverse weather conditions likely drive this preference for summer shipping. Hence, the abundance of auto shipping bookings during this season.

Can I Ship a Car Purchased from Auctions?

Indeed, Transport Masters USA orchestrates thousands of such shipments annually. While most auction houses do offer shipping services, they often come at a premium cost and could take weeks for your car to be delivered.

Transport Masters USA provides a cost-efficient and dependable alternative to auction house shipping. We liaise with our partnered carrier and the auctioneer to arrange the collection of your car. Our carrier ensures that your newly acquired vehicle is delivered to your doorstep swiftly, making the entire process streamlined and hassle-free.

Can I ship cars to/from Manheim Auto Auctions?

At Transport Masters USA, we specialize in seamlessly moving vehicles from Manheim Auto Auctions. Our professional team collaborates with the auctioneer to ensure efficient and reliable collection of your newly purchased vehicle. With our extensive network of carriers and commitment to prompt delivery, we ensure your vehicle reaches your doorstep without any hassles. Opt for Transport Masters USA for a cost-effective, reliable, and swift auto transport solution from Manheim Auto Auctions.

Can I ship cars to/from Copart Auctions?

We are perferred authorized transporter for Copart Auto Auctions, we understand all the requirements needed to load from these facilities.

Why Do Car Shipping Rates Vary by Season?

Shipping rates fluctuate seasonally primarily due to changes in demand for car shipping services. Most customers prefer to transport their vehicles during the warmer summer months, leading to a surge in demand for carrier resources, which subsequently influences the final cost of your car shipping quote..

Concerns over possible delays caused by adverse weather conditions likely drive this preference for summer shipping. Hence, the abundance of auto shipping bookings during this season.

What Can Transport Masters USA Help Me Ship?

While Transport Masters USA is renowned for providing top-notch auto shipping services, our expertise extends beyond cars. We offer a comprehensive range of transportation services, accommodating a variety of vehicles and shipments. Transport Masters USA can facilitate the shipping of:

  • Motorcycles
  • SUVs
  • Luxury and exotic cars
  • Pickup trucks
  • RVs
  • Boats
  • Heavy machinery
  • Non-mobile machinery
  • Household goods
  • Golf carts
  • ATVs
  • UTVs
  • Snowmobiles
  • Freight
  • And more...

If it's powered by an engine and needs transportation, we're the team to call! Additionally, we're equipped to handle the transportation of inoperative vehicles and equipment. With Transport Masters USA, you're entrusting your assets to an experienced and versatile transportation specialist.

How Can I Qualify for Car Shipping Services Discounts?

Shipping rates fluctuate seasonally primarily due to changes in demand for car shipping services. Most customers prefer to transport their vehicles during the warmer summer months, leading to a surge in demand for carrier resources, which subsequently influences the final cost of your car shipping quote..

Concerns over possible delays caused by adverse weather conditions likely drive this preference for summer shipping. Hence, the abundance of auto shipping bookings during this season.

Do Gas Prices Affect Car Shipping Costs?

Shipping rates fluctuate seasonally primarily due to changes in demand for car shipping services. Most customers prefer to transport their vehicles during the warmer summer months, leading to a surge in demand for carrier resources, which subsequently influences the final cost of your car shipping quote..

Concerns over possible delays caused by adverse weather conditions likely drive this preference for summer shipping. Hence, the abundance of auto shipping bookings during this season.

How Does Distance Impact Pricing?

Shipping rates fluctuate seasonally primarily due to changes in demand for car shipping services. Most customers prefer to transport their vehicles during the warmer summer months, leading to a surge in demand for carrier resources, which subsequently influences the final cost of your car shipping quote..

Concerns over possible delays caused by adverse weather conditions likely drive this preference for summer shipping. Hence, the abundance of auto shipping bookings during this season.

How Do I Prepare My Car for Shipping?

Disable the Alarm – Your vehicle is about to embark on a journey of hundreds, possibly thousands of miles. Although the auto transporter will take utmost care, inevitable bumps could trigger your car’s alarm, causing the carrier to stop and resolve the issue. Deactivating your alarm saves the transporter significant time and hassle.

Clean the Interior – Cleaning the interior serves dual purposes. Firstly, it's your final opportunity to ensure all personal belongings have been removed. Secondly, your car will be clean and ready when it arrives at your destination.

Wash the Exterior – It's beneficial to clean your car's exterior thoroughly. Removing dirt and debris reduces the risk for other vehicles on the road and facilitates a smooth inspection upon delivery.

Check for Leaks – Oil and transmission fluid leaks can be hazardous. The excess fluid can be blown around, especially during open-air transport, potentially damaging other vehicles. If possible, fix any leaks before arranging transport. If you can't, inform our team so we can relay this information to the carrier. This could result in your car being placed on the lower level of the trailer to minimize issues.

Run the Fuel Down – Remember, you're charged for shipping services based on distance and weight. Don't pay more by having a full tank before transport. Run your fuel down to about a quarter of a tank. Your vehicle will only be driven for loading, unloading, and perhaps short distances at the destination.

Document the Condition of the Vehicle – Document your vehicle's condition thoroughly before the carrier loads it onto the trailer. Take photographs from multiple angles post-cleaning. Compare these with the condition of the vehicle upon delivery. If you notice discrepancies, report them immediately.

Remove Personal Property – Filling your car with luggage is not allowed. This can increase cost due to added weight, pose a safety risk, and potentially damage your car's interior. Moreover, carriers could be subjected to fines from the Department of Transportation, for which you might be held responsible.

Remove Toll Transponder – While a transponder is convenient for passing toll checkpoints, it should be removed before transport. If left in place, your account could be charged for every toll the carrier passes. As your car is about to travel potentially thousands of miles, these tolls could accumulate rapidly.

Can I Store Luggage in My Car When It is Being Shipped?

No, in the auto transport industry, it is not permitted to store luggage or spare car parts in your vehicle during shipping. This practice can lead to fines for the auto carrier, potential damage to your car, and even pose a risk to other drivers. It's crucial to remove all items that are not standard components of the vehicle. Your spare tire and jack can remain in place, provided they are securely fastened as intended by the vehicle manufacturer. Ensuring your vehicle is appropriately prepared for shipping is part of guaranteeing a smooth and safe transport process.

How Soon Should I Book My Auto Transport From The Vehicle Shipping Company?

The ideal time to book your auto transport with a vehicle shipping company is as soon as you know your transport needs. However, a general rule of thumb is to aim for at least two to four weeks in advance. This window allows the shipping company to adequately plan for your vehicle's journey and secure the best routes and rates.

If your auto transport needs are more urgent, many companies offer expedited services, but these can come with higher costs. If you're moving overseas or require international shipping, the process can be more complex, so reaching out to the shipping company at least a month in advance is advisable.

Ultimately, the sooner you book your auto transport, the more flexibility and options you will have when it comes to scheduling, pricing, and available services.

Can I Schedule Auto Transport Services Without an Exact Address?

Absolutely! At Transport Masters USA, we understand that plans can sometimes be fluid. Therefore, we provide the convenience of scheduling your services using just the city and state or zip code. This allows us to establish the initial route for shipping your car. If you decide to avail of our door-to-door delivery service, we will need the specific pick-up and drop-off addresses before finalizing your order. This process offers you the flexibility you need while enabling us to ensure that we can deliver your vehicle as precisely as possible to your desired location.

Can I Ship My Vehicle If It Does Not Run?

Indeed, at Transport Masters USA, we are well-equipped to manage auto shipping even for non-operational vehicles. However, it's crucial that you notify us in advance when booking your services. We need to arrange for specialized equipment to safely load and unload your vehicle onto the carrier.

Failure to notify us could lead to delays as the carrier might be unable to accommodate your non-running vehicle without the necessary equipment. Consequently, this may require a rescheduling of the transport and potentially incur additional fees. We're committed to providing smooth and efficient service, so any information you can provide upfront helps us better serve your needs.

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